A century ago, 200,000 lions roamed Africa.
Today, fewer than 20,000 run wild.

Twenty Four Lions will be the seed population that will reverse this trend in the Zambeze Delta , an ecosystem of over 2 million acres.

On August 5, in the largest move of lions across an international boundary in history, Twenty Four Lions were reintroduced to a 2.5 million-acre habitat in the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique. The environment, once decimated by civil war and poaching, has benefited from a 24-year effort led by Zambeze Delta Safaris and dedicated to sound conservation practices. However, in spite of these efforts, the lion population has struggled to recover. Lions have become extinct in 26 African countries. Twenty Four Lions is determined to make sure that Mozambique doesn’t join that list.

The Cabela Family Foundation, in partnership with the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, Zambeze Delta Safaris and Marromeu Safaris is proud to support this initiative. Without the revenue from hunting and the decades of conservation work from Zambeze Delta Safaris and Marromeu Safaris, none of this would have been possible.

The whole team preparing for the first load. Photographers, vets, pilots, and assistants all played important roles in getting the lions prepared for the journey to a whole new ecosystem.