Dr. Mike Toft preparing darts and explaining the drugs to Mary Cabela.

Mary Cabela with 3 of the 6 ladies from Makalali.

Ivan Carter with Dan and Mary Cabela at the quarantine bomas in South Africa.

A full plane of lions! Pilot Roger at the wheel and vet Ryan Van Devender on board to keep the girls asleep! 

The pilot with three young boys and Sean the cameraman.

Vet, Dr. Mike Toft preparing drugs.

Cameram Rayno Egner captures a moment as Ivan Carter talks the potential viewer through each step of the process.

Hoods placed over the lions eyes help to reduce stress.

Ivan Carter and Mike Toft load one of the boys onto a Cessna caravan.

Ivan Carter logging details and cross-checking microchipping.

Loading one of the last Boys onto the Caravan.

Mary Cabela peeping around the corner to watch the last feeding of one of the prides before they depart in a couple of days.

Mike Toft checking the TB test results.

On the tailgate awaiting transport to the bomas - the final leg of the journey.

Peacefully asleep - the drugs wear off after a couple of hours and cats must be constantly monitored by the traveling vets.

Preparing to carry one of the males to the awaiting aircraft.

The use of a canvas “stretcher” makes it easier for the humans and more comfortable for the sleeping lion.

Vet Ryan Van Devender fixes a collar to the lion as the two pilots assist

A trailer load of lions ready for the short drive to the airstrip and the beginning of the flights.

Mark Haldane and Anton Smit sit with chief Domingo Bichote and welcome the lions to the area.

Some of the Zambeze Delta team, Dustan Haldane and Tiffany Moss with Mark Haldane and Camp Manageress Zaendre Van Der Merwe.

The Haldane family, Mark and his son Dustan and daughter Heather watch as the lions take their first steps on Mozambique soil.

Two generations of conservation, Mark Haldane and his son Dustan and Ivan Carter and his son Trail.